Sunday, 6 February 2011

Maitresse Madeline - Whipped Ass Free Tube Video Clip

Maitresse Madeline - Whipped Ass Free Tube Video Clip
You've been begging for it and it's finally here! Two legendary dommes; Princess Donna and Maitresse Madeline, together at last! But, there's a twist, instead of these two brutally sadistic and devastatingly sexy dommes corrupting some beautiful babe, Maitresse Madeline IS the babe. She's bound, whipped, filled, fucked, clamped, gagged and has merciless orgasms ripped from her cunt until she's brought to tears. Yeah, this bitch thinks she's one tough domme and let's face it Maitresse FUCKING Madeline is but not this day, not this time, oh no, today Princess Donna treats her tough little domme like a ragdoll and rubs her slut face right in it!

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If you think you can handle it, come on in and watch as Maitresse Madeline controls and tortures yet another pathetic, limp cock! This sorry excuse for a man's dick is her's for the teasing, and she makes sure that he is constantly on the verge of exploding. But remember, Maistresse Madeline is the one in control...

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